Thursday, July 16, 2009


On the radio the other day I heard an online 'chaplain' bemoaning how he and others had 'treated' Michael Jackson - critiquing his music and lifestyle. He was 'convicted' about his lack of 'love' for MJ - the kind of love God has for him. I guess he thinks unconditional love is undiscerning love. I guess he thinks that love is some sappy, sentimental, emotion based love!

He further commented that when MJ died God's love compeled Him (God) to 'weep and feel sad'. So, we too should feel sad and weep for the loss of this 'incredibly talented entertainer who made God smile' because of his talent. I wonder if God was smiling when MJ took those boys to bed. I wonder if it was cute to God that MJ would grab himself in his concerts. I wonder if God was pleased with MJ's choice of religions - JW, Christian them Muslim.

I get a sick feeling in my gut - even as I write this and re-iterate this 'onair chaplains' comments in my head. I get sick because I know that this is what most of the Christian community thinks too. I get sick because many have so humanized God today that we can't see thru this thick vail of distortions about His character that Super-humanizes Him.

Accordingly, in the mind of the modern day neo-christians, love is the characteristic about God that trumps everything. It trumps Holiness, it trumps righteousness, it trumps the truth. I want to shout it out plain and clear - God is not like us - He is transcendent.

He can't be catagorized and simplified. He can't be put in a box.

We've got to get back to what the Bible says about God - 'My God is a consuming fire.' My God is intolerant of sin. My God is not amused when a sinner does something cute! Let's face it - the church is milk toast - because our theology (understanding of God ) is warped! He is a sappy, sentimental, wishful God who sits powerless on an impotent throne wooing, wishing, begging people to just do the right thing. He is sad and anxious.

Such a God is too small. He would suck! He would not be worthy of any adoration.

A Simple reading of God's Word should straighten us out. Just reading Revelation should straighten us out. Just picture it - Jesus - riding on a white horse - sword in hand - THE KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS - followed by His holy army - charging into our dimension facing the foes of righteousness, looking the devil and his followers in the eye - He speaks, a tear coming to His eye, lips quivering - a heavy sigh heaves from his chest housing His broken heart.- "If you only understood how much I love you.."

NOT! - He will annihilate them and everyone who does not confess His name.

This has been a reality check.

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