Saturday, July 25, 2009


2 Chronicles 7:14 NIV
If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

I am by all definitions a 'Conservative,' politically, socially, theologically, and personally. As I observe what is happening to this great nation of ours - as Ronald Reagan called it - 'A City on a Hill' the last, best hope of mankind, I see on the horizon a dismal future for this once God fearing country. With a President that promises 'Hope and Change' we are seeing that that hope is to change America into Amerika and to 'remake' it into some socialistic utopia. Didn't we fight one World War and a Cold War to defeat this menace and now we've elected an autocrat to the White House (no pun intended since he bought GM).

From cap and tax, to buy outs and TARP and Socialized Health Care - Trillions upon trillions of Dollars with no sanity in sight - I am reminded that I am a pilgrim here, my citizenship is in heaven - my King rules. I am reminded that I am waiting for the New Jerusalem, the New Heaven and New Earth and I am equally nudged by my soul back to 2 Chronicles 7:14.

Our hope in this country isn't vested in a political party or movement. It is totally dependent upon a Spiritual Movement - a Revival!! Look at the promise found in those words - true Hope and Change..

1. If my people who are called by my name..

God refocuses our attention to the fact that we are HIS People - not Americans - Christians.

We bear His name..

2. Will humble themselves -

We must understand who we are in the scheme of things - HE is the mover and shaker -

we are the vessels He fills to do His will...we prostrate ourselves before Him seeking His will

and doing things His way..

3. And Pray -

This means to supplicate - to pray on behalf of others

4. And seek my face -

When Moses sought the Lord on Sinai it so transformed him that the people made him wear a veil over his face because they couldn't handle the glory of God that was reflected by him. When we get close to God we become like Him - we reflect Him - we are mirrors of His glory. When God's people get face to face with Him - Revival will come!

5. Then I will hear from heaven -

Hearing means responding - God acts! When we set our hearts, our minds, our eyes our thoughts on Him - then we are transformed - then God can use us as vessels fit for His service!

6. I will forgive their sins -

God makes everything new - he wipes the slate clean!


God is our only hope for real change. Change starts with every believer devoting themselves to being ready for revival.

We can't make revival happen - we can't chant our way into it - we can't fast our way into it. Revival is God's work we must simply prepare ourselves for it.

Like a old Sailing Ship whose sails are hoisted and ready to catch the wind. God is the wind - are you ready to catch it?

Thursday, July 16, 2009


On the radio the other day I heard an online 'chaplain' bemoaning how he and others had 'treated' Michael Jackson - critiquing his music and lifestyle. He was 'convicted' about his lack of 'love' for MJ - the kind of love God has for him. I guess he thinks unconditional love is undiscerning love. I guess he thinks that love is some sappy, sentimental, emotion based love!

He further commented that when MJ died God's love compeled Him (God) to 'weep and feel sad'. So, we too should feel sad and weep for the loss of this 'incredibly talented entertainer who made God smile' because of his talent. I wonder if God was smiling when MJ took those boys to bed. I wonder if it was cute to God that MJ would grab himself in his concerts. I wonder if God was pleased with MJ's choice of religions - JW, Christian them Muslim.

I get a sick feeling in my gut - even as I write this and re-iterate this 'onair chaplains' comments in my head. I get sick because I know that this is what most of the Christian community thinks too. I get sick because many have so humanized God today that we can't see thru this thick vail of distortions about His character that Super-humanizes Him.

Accordingly, in the mind of the modern day neo-christians, love is the characteristic about God that trumps everything. It trumps Holiness, it trumps righteousness, it trumps the truth. I want to shout it out plain and clear - God is not like us - He is transcendent.

He can't be catagorized and simplified. He can't be put in a box.

We've got to get back to what the Bible says about God - 'My God is a consuming fire.' My God is intolerant of sin. My God is not amused when a sinner does something cute! Let's face it - the church is milk toast - because our theology (understanding of God ) is warped! He is a sappy, sentimental, wishful God who sits powerless on an impotent throne wooing, wishing, begging people to just do the right thing. He is sad and anxious.

Such a God is too small. He would suck! He would not be worthy of any adoration.

A Simple reading of God's Word should straighten us out. Just reading Revelation should straighten us out. Just picture it - Jesus - riding on a white horse - sword in hand - THE KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS - followed by His holy army - charging into our dimension facing the foes of righteousness, looking the devil and his followers in the eye - He speaks, a tear coming to His eye, lips quivering - a heavy sigh heaves from his chest housing His broken heart.- "If you only understood how much I love you.."

NOT! - He will annihilate them and everyone who does not confess His name.

This has been a reality check.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


My 'Life Verse' is Philippians 3:16

"Only let us live up to what we have already attained."

This verse always refocuses me on the task of my personal sanctification. It is my 'working out my salvation with fear and trembling.'

I whole heartedly believe in salvation by grace alone. There is no way I can do anything to merit favor with God. There is no quality or quantity of good things I can do to 'get me into heaven.' Salvation is God's work. I am totally, utterly dependent upon His extention of favor to me. He is the active agent in my redemption! Ephesians 2:8,9 says it best "It is by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not from yourself it is a gift of God, not by works so that no one can boast."

But tangent to Ephesians 2:8,9 are these words:

"For we are God's workmanship created in Christ Jesus to DO GOOD WORKS which God has prepared in advance for us to do."

This is the part of the verse that Phil 3:16 points me to - 'living up to what I have already attained." All these attainments are granted by Christ to us at the moment of salvation -

I am a BORN again, new kind of person, baptized in the Spirit, adopted into God's family!

I am no longer an object of God's wrath but a child made worthy of His affection. I am a member of Christ body, grafted into His Church by Christ Himself - gifted to serve Him and that body that bears His name. I am free to be all that His willed me to be!

I can 'live up to what I have attained' because God has empowered me to do so!

I am given tremendous encouragement by Paul's words in Eph 2:10 for several reasons:

1. I am God's personal masterpiece (workmanship). When it's all said and done He gets the glory because He is the artist - I am the lump of clay.

2. He created me, called me, saved me through the merits and work of Christ to do good works. He saved me for a reason that fits into His plan. I am an important cog in God's machine - I am irreplaceable (as are you) There is no one who is insignificant to God's plan. I have something He wants me to do - that only I can do. He has something He wants you to do that only you can do! You are unique - you are important. He has chosen you for an express purpose. And guess what - you can't screw it up. That's the power of the third point!

3. He has prepared these works in advance for you and me to do. You can't thwart His plan. His will is sovereign! You will fulfill God's plan for your life. Nothing can stand in the way. Not Satan, not your spouse, not your kids or family, not your past, not your present, not your flesh, not your sin...NOTHING!

How do you know what that 'will' is for you? Just live your life - don't worry about it - God's got it all under control.

We are invaluable, irreplaceable, significant players in God's divine novel. He is the author and perfector - we are the actors following His divine direction.

You will fulfill God's will for your life. He said it - that settles it!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


The other day a guy came into the store I work at (A paint store). He's a 'greeny.' Some people would call him a 'tree hugger.' We, the boss and several other customers, were talking about theology (we either talk theology or politics - never a dull moment). We invited him into the conversation which was about 'evil.' He said - 'evil is a throwaway word.' I, being the inquisitive sort that I am recoiled in disbelief and asked - 'So Hitler wasn't evil - his actions weren't evil?' 'No,' he said - 'he came from an abusive background. His father brutalized him.' And so I - being a bit disjointed by his comment said - 'So that excuses the killing of six million Jews and countless millions of others - because he had a bad childhood - and his actions aren't evil?' He pressed on and continued to stand by his comments - By now my guts were churning in horror that such brutally, evil actions could be dismissed by someone who seemed to be somewhat intelligent, in the mainstream. I pressed on and asked- 'So if there is no evil how can we qualify anything as good or right.' He couldn't answer - because there was no answer.

There was no answer because he was wrong! I am right - I am right because the Word of God tells us that there is evil in the world - it is personified in Satan and his demons. It is there goal to steal, kill and destroy. That is what Hitler did, and every other despot that has ever lived. Possessed, or at least influenced, by evil they steal, kill and destroy!

Evil is present in our world today - Paul said the devil 'is like aroaring lion looking for someone to devour!' He wants to devour me and you - our only hope is to weild the shield of faith witchwhich we can extinguish the flaming arrows of the evil one.

It is a daily confrontation we face. Moment by moment sometimes. But we are given assurance that if we resist the devil he will flee from us! He must - for God is with us!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bowing at the alter of Relevance

There was a time when the Christian Church stood for something. It was a unique community where people - saints and sinners - could hear the truth clearly clarioned from the pulpit. The Pastor wasn't a CEO he was a shepherd who tended to the needs of his sheep whom God Himself had placed under his care! He was (in a real sense) Christ to his people. Loving, consoling, warning, holding his sheep accountable. He moved among his sheep, looking for strays - bringing them back - watching intently for wolves or others vicious beast who would sneak in to steal away his sheep. He was given a rod and a staff for a reason - to comfort, protect and correct. It was the Parson, the Preacher, The Bishop, The Chief Elder - whatever his title- that stood for the truth - the whole truth and nothing but the truth - regardless of what it cost him. He was the last one who desired to simply 'tickle the ears' of his people. He fed them the pure Word of God - untainted by political correctness. We could count on him to call a spade a spade - sin - sin.

Today our pulpits are filled with men who spew psychobabble as if it were 'gospel' truth. They cow towe to the lowest common denominator inorder to be 'relevant.' Indeed, todays preacher kneels at the alter of 'relevance.' Our worship services resemble rock concerts all for the sake of 'relevance.' Hymns - with all their weighty, Christ focused, theology have been replaced with vainly repetitious 'praise' songs that leave the musical pallets of those believers who actually have read Calvin & Luther a bit empty. Worship is about exalting HIM - I really don't matter! It's all about HIM - Church is all about HIM - Preaching is to focus on HIM - our music must focus on HIM - our fellowship ought to focus around HIM. After all, the Christian life is all about HIM, being exalted in us - He becomes more - we fade into the background.

PREACHER - preach the Word in season and out - Bow at the throne of grace - not at the alter of relevance.

Monday, July 6, 2009

MY God

My God is no simpy wimp who is bound by the whims of people. He is not controlled by the fickle wills of depraved mankind. My God is not small! My God doesn't fret, He isn't moved by the vain 'demands' of sinners who vainly 'command' Him to self-actualize them! He isn't impressed with mans goodness, or rightness, or fairness. He is a God without boundaries, who acts according to His will, in His way for His glory. He is the self-proclaimed, self-revealed SOVERIEGN of the universe. He is THE King, Immortal - reigning - never waining. He is Righteous, He is Holy, He is Good, He is Love (not lust) He is Immovable, Unchangeable, Vast, Infinite, Wisdom, He is Immense and Transcendent - yet He condescended - became like one of us, yet without sin, to express His truth and grace to us - to extend to sinners, mercy.

My God is too massive to measure, too powerful to contain. He knows everything - He is everywhere equally present in all the visible and invisible universe at the same time. He was before the past began, He is present now and is already there tomorrow!

My God's name isn't allah, He isn't buddha or maitrea, He isn't the concoction of a false prophet or a religious organization or even a church - He's THE God who created all that there is, sustains it and will one day destroy it with fire (just as a destroyed it once with water) - it's His creation - He can do with it what He wills! And He will....