Monday, July 6, 2009

MY God

My God is no simpy wimp who is bound by the whims of people. He is not controlled by the fickle wills of depraved mankind. My God is not small! My God doesn't fret, He isn't moved by the vain 'demands' of sinners who vainly 'command' Him to self-actualize them! He isn't impressed with mans goodness, or rightness, or fairness. He is a God without boundaries, who acts according to His will, in His way for His glory. He is the self-proclaimed, self-revealed SOVERIEGN of the universe. He is THE King, Immortal - reigning - never waining. He is Righteous, He is Holy, He is Good, He is Love (not lust) He is Immovable, Unchangeable, Vast, Infinite, Wisdom, He is Immense and Transcendent - yet He condescended - became like one of us, yet without sin, to express His truth and grace to us - to extend to sinners, mercy.

My God is too massive to measure, too powerful to contain. He knows everything - He is everywhere equally present in all the visible and invisible universe at the same time. He was before the past began, He is present now and is already there tomorrow!

My God's name isn't allah, He isn't buddha or maitrea, He isn't the concoction of a false prophet or a religious organization or even a church - He's THE God who created all that there is, sustains it and will one day destroy it with fire (just as a destroyed it once with water) - it's His creation - He can do with it what He wills! And He will....

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  1. Great blog! Thanks for sharing that, it put me in my place this morning and helped me focus on the greatness of our God instead.
    I'm looking forward to the next post!