Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bowing at the alter of Relevance

There was a time when the Christian Church stood for something. It was a unique community where people - saints and sinners - could hear the truth clearly clarioned from the pulpit. The Pastor wasn't a CEO he was a shepherd who tended to the needs of his sheep whom God Himself had placed under his care! He was (in a real sense) Christ to his people. Loving, consoling, warning, holding his sheep accountable. He moved among his sheep, looking for strays - bringing them back - watching intently for wolves or others vicious beast who would sneak in to steal away his sheep. He was given a rod and a staff for a reason - to comfort, protect and correct. It was the Parson, the Preacher, The Bishop, The Chief Elder - whatever his title- that stood for the truth - the whole truth and nothing but the truth - regardless of what it cost him. He was the last one who desired to simply 'tickle the ears' of his people. He fed them the pure Word of God - untainted by political correctness. We could count on him to call a spade a spade - sin - sin.

Today our pulpits are filled with men who spew psychobabble as if it were 'gospel' truth. They cow towe to the lowest common denominator inorder to be 'relevant.' Indeed, todays preacher kneels at the alter of 'relevance.' Our worship services resemble rock concerts all for the sake of 'relevance.' Hymns - with all their weighty, Christ focused, theology have been replaced with vainly repetitious 'praise' songs that leave the musical pallets of those believers who actually have read Calvin & Luther a bit empty. Worship is about exalting HIM - I really don't matter! It's all about HIM - Church is all about HIM - Preaching is to focus on HIM - our music must focus on HIM - our fellowship ought to focus around HIM. After all, the Christian life is all about HIM, being exalted in us - He becomes more - we fade into the background.

PREACHER - preach the Word in season and out - Bow at the throne of grace - not at the alter of relevance.


  1. Well, I can see this will be a daily stop :) Thank you for being honest about who God is, and what the Word says!
    Many Blessings~~
    Danielle Wycough

  2. WOW!! I appreciate your honesty and drawing upon the Word. Thanks for sharing here!
    Blessings and Hugs!